Do You Know What is PDU?

The PDU(power distribution unit) is designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical devices. It has various series of specifications with different functions, installation methods, and socket combinations, providing a suitable rack-mounted power solution for different power environments.  The application of PDUs enables the distribution of power supplies in a cabinet to be neat, reliable, secure, professional, and beautiful, and makes the maintenance of power supplies in a cabinet convenient and reliable.


The advantages of the PDU socket are as follows: more reasonable design arrangement, more strict quality and standard, longer safe and trouble-free working time, better protection of various types of leakage and overcurrent and overload, frequent plug and remove action and not easy to damage, less heat rise, more flexible and convenient installation, suitable for customers in the industry with strict requirements on electricity.  It also fundamentally prevents frequent power failure, burning, fire and other safety hazards caused by poor contact and small load of ordinary power supply.


It can be installed on a 19-inch cabinet or rack and occupies only 1U space. It can be installed horizontally (19-inch standard) or vertically (parallel to cabinet posts).  Multiple protection: Built-in multistage surge protection device to provide stronger protection, while providing filtering, alarm, power monitoring and other visualization device internal connection: jack spring is phosphobronze, good elasticity, excellent contact, can withstand more than 10,000 times of insertion and removal;  All socket modules are connected by spotwelding by brass bars.

More intelligent choices, easy management and remote control: the product can choose additional digital display, abnormal alarm, network management and other functions, highlighting the intelligence of the product, improve its usability and easy management.

Multiple circuit protection lightning:

  • surge protection: maximum shock resistance
  • current: 20KA or higher;
  • Limit voltage: ≤500V or lower;
  • Alarm protection: LED digital current display and the whole current monitoring and ;
  • filtering protection: With fine filter protection, output ultra-stable pure power supply;
  • Overload protection: provides overload protection for both poles, which can effectively prevent problems caused by overload.


Post time: Feb-01-2023