Smart PDU

A Smart PDU (intelligent power distribution unit) is an advanced power distribution device used in data centers, server rooms, and other critical IT environments. It goes beyond the capabilities of basic and metered PDUs by offering Intelligent Dual-Feed Rack PDU features for monitoring, control, automation, and remote management. They can be called smart power distribution unit, smart rack pdu, smart pdu data center, smart rack mount pdu.

Here's a deeper look into Smart PDUs:

Real-time Monitoring / Individual Outlet Control / Remote Management / Energy Management / Load Balancing / Alerts and Alarms / Environmental Monitoring / Automation and Scripting / Integration with DCIM / Security Features / Energy Efficiency / Redundancy and Failover

Consider variables like the quantity and kind of outlets, the required level of monitoring and management, compatibility with your current infrastructure, and support for automation and integration when choosing a Smart PDU. In modern data centers, smart PDUs are useful tools for guaranteeing efficient power distribution, reducing energy expenditures, and maintaining high availability.