Metered PDU

A Metered PDU (electrical pdu unit) is a type of power distribution device pdu with power meter commonly used in data cabinet pdu, data rack pdu, server cabinet pdu, and other IT environments. It offers advanced monitoring capabilities compared to basic PDUs, allowing administrators to track rack vertical pdu power consumption and other electrical parameters in real-time.

Here's more information about metered PDUs:

Real-time Monitoring / Individual Outlet Metering / Load Balancing / Alerts and Alarms / Remote Access and Control / Energy Management / Rack-level Monitoring / Integration with DCIM / Energy Efficiency / Security

Consider aspects including the quantity of PDU socket outlets, the kind of outlets (such as C13 or C19), 3 phase pdu power strip, pdu electrical, the voltage and current rating, the level of monitoring needed, and compatibility with your monitoring and management systems when selecting a metered PDU. Metered PDUs are useful instruments for preserving a reliable and effective power infrastructure and provide vital information on power usage.