The development trend of smart PDU: energy saving, high efficiency, customization

With the concept of green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction gaining popularity, products with high energy consumption will be gradually replaced by energy saving and emission reduction and green products.

Terminal power distribution is the last link of the overall intelligent room, and as the most important link, intelligent PDU has become the inevitable choice of IDC data center.

Different from common power sockets, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) are network management ports that provide more practical functions.

They can monitor the total voltage, current, power quantity, power, power factor, device temperature, humidity, smoke sensor, water leakage, and access control.

They can remotely manage the power consumption of each device to reduce power waste. Reduce operation and maintenance personnel costs.

The emergence of smart PDUs is the requirement of high efficiency, green and energy saving. Now, the power management of computer room and IDC is also gradually moving toward intelligence, which means that more large enterprises prefer smart PDUs in the selection of terminal distribution scheme.


The traditional power distribution management mode can only monitor the voltage and current of the cabinet, but cannot monitor the voltage and current of every device in the cabinet. The appearance of intelligent PDU makes up for this defect. The so-called intelligent PDU refers to the real-time monitoring and feedback of the current and voltage of every terminal device in the machine room and cabinet.  Enable operation and maintenance personnel to timely clear and adjust the working state of various equipment, can implement remote control, shut down the unused part of the equipment, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.


Smart PDUs have been widely used around the world, it is reported that more than 90% of the major European and American telecom operators have used smart PDUs in the room, supplemented by the corresponding energy-saving measures, smart PDUs can even achieve energy saving 30%~50%.  With the continuous development and upgrading of smart PDU technology, more and more IDC, securities and banking enterprises, high efficiency, municipal, medical, and electric power units have put smart PDUs into use, and the scope and scale of smart PDUs are rapidly expanding.


At present, the requirements for smart power management not only stay in a single product, but also need a whole set of distribution solutions. Personalized customization will become the trend of smart PDUs in the future. YOSUN, as the leading brand in smart PDU industry, always keeps pace with the latest industry leading technology to meet the changing market demand and professional challenges.  Committed to meet the different needs of customers, to provide customers with better quality, convenient service.

Post time: Feb-01-2023