T/H sensor

Short Description:

This product is a photoelectric smoke and temperature integrated detector (hereinafter referred to as detector), the product adopts a unique structure design, and adopts MCU intelligent processing of optical signal, with dust-proof, insect-resistant anti-light interference and other functions, from the design to ensure the stability of the product. This product has a good response to visible smoke caused by slow smouldering or open combustion. This product is equipped with photoelectric smoke sensor and temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature exceeds 57℃ or the ambient smoke reaches the alarm concentration, the detector will emit an alarm tone. The product is suitable for smoke monitoring in residential buildings, factories, hotels, office buildings, teaching buildings, banks, libraries, warehouses and other fields.

  • Model: TH sensor
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    1.MCU automatic processing technology is adopted to improve product stability
    2.Temperature sensor + smoke sensor
    3.● Fault self-test function
    4.● Low voltage prompt
    5.● Automatic reset
    6.● Infrared photoelectric sensor
    7.● Sound and light alarm /LED indicator alarm
    8.●SMT process manufacturing, strong stability
    9.● Dust-proof, insect-proof, anti-white light interference design
    10.● Relay switching signal output (normally open, normally closed optional)


    1.Working power supply:
    2. Static current: < 10uA 12-24VDC DC (Networking type)
    3.● Alarm temperature: 54℃~65℃
    4.● Alarm pressure: ≥85dB/3m
    5.● Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃
    6.● Relative temperature: ≤90%RH
    7.● Dimension: φ126 *36mm
    8.● Installation height: no more than 3.5 meters above the ground (installation height beyond,
    9.Professional and technical personnel are required to install the smoke collecting bin equipment, the height limit is not more than 4 meters)
    10.● Detection area: no more than 20 square meters (according to the actual area increase
    11.Increase the number of detectors accordingly)
    12.Alarm current: < 80mA


    The measured values of products may be affected by the following factors:
    Temperature error
    ◎ The stability time is too short when placed in the test environment.
    ◎ Close to heat source, cold source, or directly in the sun.
    2. Humidity error
    ◎ The stability time is too short when placed in the test environment.
    ◎ Do not stay in steam, water mist, water curtain or condensation environment for a long time.
    3. Dirty ice
    ◎ In dust or other polluted environment, the product must be cleaned regularly.


    1 2 3 4
    Terminal block(≤32A) 10A-32A 125/250VAC Junction Box(≤32A) 10A-32A 125/250VAC 1U Junction Box(High-power) 10A-63A 125A/400VAC 1.5U Junction Box(High-power) 10A-63A 125A/400VAC
    5 6 7 8
    Overload Protection 10/16A 250VAC Illuminated Master Switch10A/16A 125VAC / 250VAC Overload Switch10A/16A 125VAC / 250VAC Buzzer DC 24V / 36V / 48VAC 110V / 220V
    9 10 11 12
    Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker C10/16/32/63A 1P Circuit BreakerC10/16/32/63A 2P Circuit BreakerC10/16/32/63A 3P Circuit BreakerC10/16/32/63A
    13 14 15 16
    100A/125A 3P Circuit BreakerC100A/125A 2P Circuit BreakerC10/16/32/63A USB Charger 2 * Type A5V 2.1A USB Charger Type A+Type C5V 2.1A / 3.1A / fast charging
    17 18 19 20
    Power indicator125V/250VAC 50/60Hz Hot-swap Power Indicator125V/250VAC 50/60Hz Single-Lamp Surge Protector4.5KA/6.5KA/10KA 250VAC 50/60Hz Three-Lamp Surge Protector(Filtering and surge protection)10KA 250VAC 50/60Hz
    21 22 23 24
    Hot-swap Surge protector4.5KA/6.5KA/10KA 250VAC 50/60Hz Hot-swap V/A Meter Hot-swap 485 Smart Meter Hot-swap Smart IP Meter
    25 26 27 28
    Intelligent PDU Meter Foroutlet monitor and control  10A Universal Socket10A 250VAC 16A Universal Socket16A 250VAC 10A Chinese Socket 5 holes
     29 30  31 32
    10A Chinese Socket 16A Chinese Socket Chinese 10A/16A Socket 10A locking Chinese Socket
    33 34 35 36
    16A locking Chinese Socket IEC320 C13(Anti-trip) 10A 250VAC IEC320 C13 10A 250VAC IEC320 C19(Anti-trip) 16A 250VAC
    37 38  39 40
    IEC320 C19 16A 250VAC 16A German Socket16A 250VAC 16A French Socket16A 250VAC 16A GER.ITA Socket16A 250VAC
    41 42  43 44
    13A UK Socket13A 250VAC 15A USA Socket15A 125VAC 20A USA Socket20A 125VAC IEC320 C14 16A 250VAC
    45 46 47 48
    IEC320 C20 16A 250VAC 16A ZA Socket16A 250VAC IEC320 C13(2 Ways in one Socket)10A 250VAC IEC320 C13(3 Ways in one Socket)10A 250VAC
    49 50 51 52
    10A 250VAC 10A Chinese Plug 16A Chinese Plug IEC60309 IP44-Male(Three Core) Commando plug16A/32A/63A 250VAC
    53 54 55 56
    IEC60309 IP44-Female(Three Core) Commando plug16A/32A/63A 250VAC IEC60309 IP44-Male(Five Core) Commando plug16A/32A/63A 250VAC IEC60309 IP44-Female(Five Core) Commando plug16A/32A/63A 250VAC UK BS1363 Plug13A 250VAC
    57 58 59 60
    German Plug16A 250VAC USA Plug15A 125VAC IEC320 C14 Plug10A 250VAC IEC320 C13Plug10A 250VAC
    61 62 63 64
    South Africa Plug16A 250VAC IEC320 C20 Plug16A 250VAC IEC320 C19 Plug16A 250VAC AUS Plug

    Optional Toolless Installation


    Customized shell colors available

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